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April 2018


Singing in the Dark Times
7th Celtic Reunion with Tom Cowan
April 19-22
Pierce Cedar Creek Nature Center, Hastings, Mi

 Singing in the Dark Times - I have been haunted recently by this four-line poem by Bertolt Brecht.
And in the dark times   
Will there also be singing?  
Yes, there will be singing  
About the dark times.

Okay. However. It seems the dark times also require some singing about the bright times.  At our reunion this year we will use poetry to remind ourselves of the brighter times that have been and will come again. I will bring a dozen or so poems that we will use for journeying, meditating, ceremony, and other exercises. Some of these will be poems we have looked at before, some will be new. Each of them will say something important and necessary about our shamanic practice.

Celtic poets had skills and characteristics we would consider shamanic. They had visions from journeying into the Otherworld and were able to describe them and share them with others. They enjoyed a mystical relationship with the natural world of landscapes, elements, and animals. They had companions from the spirit world. They were healers.  

If we infuse our shamanic practice with poetry that inspires and encourages us, we can bring light and hope into the dark times. Yes, there will be singing, but not just about the dark times. 
This workshop is open to only graduates of Tom's Two Year Programs.

TO REGISTER: Cost is $785  for a single and $740 for a double.  Workshop begins with dinner on thursday evening at 6 pm and concludes with lunch on sunday. For more information on how to register for this workshop click here.


Advanced Healing Methods 1
with Stephanie Tighe & Kate Durda
April 28 & 29, May 19-20 and June 9-10
 (you must be able to attend all classes)
On saturday we will meet from 10 am to 6:30 am and from 9:30 -5 pm on sunday
In In this class we will be learning Soul Retrieval, Restoration of Lost Power and Extraction.  
Soul Retrieval is one of the primary techniques of shamanic practice and healing.  In this course you will learn the classic ceremony of facilitating soul retrieval with  clients.   The Soul Retrieval process will be explored comprehensively to include how to communication with clients, ethics, possible healing crises post retrieval, how to integrate lost energies for full restoration after retrieval, and more. We will discuss issues that may arise after SR, how to help your clients fully integrate the returned parts and how to live life in fuller and more balanced ways.   
Extraction training teaches participants how to work and merge with a power animal or teacher to remove thought forms that may be causing imbalance or illness in their client.  
In this class you will learn the causes of spiritual intrusions, misplaced energy, that needs to be extracted; how intrusions manifest as illnesses and imbalances; classic shamanic methods to perceive and to safely and effectively remove them; and how to neutralize and transmute them for the health and well being of your clients.  
This will be a small, intensive and experiential group.   
You can visit http://www.sandraingerman.com/sandrasarticles/soulretrievaltraining.html for information on what Sandra Ingerman has to say about learning soul retrieval. 
 introductory shamanic work and solid skills in shamanic journeying and completion of an application form.  This class meets Sandra Ingerman’s criteria for Soul Retrieval.  
TO REGISTER: Contact Stephanie with any questions you may have and/or to receive an application.  Cost for this experience is $590 if registered by April 1, 2018.   After that date the cost is $630.   For more information on how to register for this workshop click here.

May 2018


Advanced Shamanism Two Year Program
May 4-6, 2018

Kettunen Center, Tustin, Mi.



Shamanic Healing Methods Session 2
with Stephanie Tighe & Kate Durda
May 19-20, 2018 in Lansing, Mi. 



june 2018


Shamanic Healing Methods, Session 3 (final session)
with Stephanie Tighe & Kate Durda
June 9-10, 2018 in Lansing, Mi.


july 2018


10th Annual Shamans' Walk and Community Healing Ceremony
with Kate Durda and Stephanie Tighe
July 28, 2018
$50 early registration by July 20th.  After that date cost is $60



September 2018


Cultivating Power and Presence in Turbulent Times
Society for Shamanic Practice Midwest Conference

with Tom Cowan, Genie Hobbs, Kate Durda, Stephanie Tighe and more!

September 13-16, 2018
Kellogg Biological Station, Hickory Corners, Mi.

This is an exciting opportunity for the MidWest!
The Society for Shamanic Practice (SSP) and Spirit Weavers are collaborting to provide SSP's annual conference in 'our' home territory, Michigan. 

Walking the shamanic path requires that we artfully transform the dark - both within and without.  A principle of shamanism is: Fear drains your power; shamanic practice builds your power. In this conference, through the practices of remembering and releasing, reweaving and renewing, we will restore and amplify our personal light.

We need new ways of working together, which we will explore during this conference. 

In a time of rampant fear - and a time in which fear is used to manipulate the populace - we need to build our power, so that we can be more immune to the manipulations and so that we can make decisions and take actions from our own authentic center -  connected deeply to Immensity, Wonder, Creativity, Truth and Love. If we are to be of service in this world, as teachers, healers or leaders, we need these powers as our foundation and fuel. 

The SSP Midwest conference will offer teachings led by local, national and internationally known shamanic teachers. You'll enjoy relevant, practical and powerful teachings as well as beautiful group ceremonies to lift you spirit. You'll come away from this conference stronger, refreshed, and with practical skills that you can apply to your life and work. 
This makes their work accessible to many more practitioners and at the same time provides the  opportunity for us to go deeper, and share with each other our experience, skills and knowlege.  Stay tuned for more!  We'll be working with our community to dream into this event!





Circles for Shamanic Journeying in Lansing.  We are once again starting up the Shamanic Drumming Circle in Lansing.   Call for location - 517 667-8448.

Circles for Shamanic Journeying in Charlotte

Prerequisite for attending is the completion of an introductory workshop in core shamanic journeying. In the Shamanic Journeying Circle, we build upon the journey skills we have and deepen our connections to our power animals and teachers. 

There are Circles for Shamanic Journeying all over Michigan. Contact us for more information on a Circle near you!.

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