Stephanie and Kate have received extensive training in various spiritual healing methods and have been facilitating spiritual healing for people for over 25 years. Appointments can be scheduled with one or both of them.

Healing - Location

Stephanie and Kate often receive requests for long distance healing (where we are not present with someone, but work on their behalf) or requests to travel to someone and assist them in the location of their choosing. Most commonly persons are seen in the Lansing area for healing. Occasionally requests for long distance or travel healing are honored, in extraordinary circumstances.

Healing - How many sessions?

Spiritual healing is not therapy, nor should it be expected to be an overnight miracle cure. How many sessions will depend on what your specific needs are and how deeply you want to go with changes in your life. An average number of sessions ranges from 4-12.

Most sessions are about an hour and a half long.
Contact us if you have any questions, would like additional information, or to discuss setting up an appointment for a healing session.


Blessings to you!