Kate and Stephanie have written several articles pertaining to shamanism, its role in this culture and some of the healing methods associated with it. To read an article click on the title and you will be taken to it. Let us know what you think!!

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Shamanism, Power Animals and the Stretched Mind Click hereAbove link provided courtesy of the Crazy Wisdom Community Journal.  This essay was first pubished in Issue #52; September-December 2012.


If you are a shamanic practictioner we particularly recommend this article on ethics.  It is in "Shamanism" published by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.  It is Ethical Considerations in Shamanic Healing by Susan Mokelke, J.D. (


Earth Day 2001: A Prayer for a Better World,   (Teach Your Children Well)

Shamanic Healing and Spiritual Practice (Parts I and II)

The Way of Our Ancestors

Shamanism: Path of Healing and Empowerment

Medicine for the Earth - Research Study Results!!   4/4/2006

"On Imagination" by Sandra Ingerman 1/2006

The Role of Shamanism in Contemporary Culture

Restoration of Lost Power

Shamanic Extraction and Healing

Shamanism and the Environment

Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval

Spiritual Cost of the Iraqi War